Consumer Electronics

It is hard to keep an overview of all the electronics product we can enrich ourself with. What price / quality can I expect? What are trustworthy brands? Read it here..

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Technology trends

What are currently the most promising technologies? is it Internet of Things? Household robotics? Or perhaps the smart speakers? Check it out..

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What is virtual-reality? What is the difference with augmented reality? Read more about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’..

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Technology information platform

Welcome to our website about innovations, technology, gadgets and electronics information.

It is human nature to improve and evolve and hence no surprise that new technologies continue to emerge every year. Although many people are enthusiastic when it comes to (new) tech, it can also be a bit daunting to understand what is what, how things work and which information is reliable. Our platform is determined to provide more understanding about tech, whether it is virtual-reality, consumer electronics, VPN or even internet providers.

We work with partners focused on the tech industry in a wide variety of countries, such as The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. An interesting and upcoming Dutch electronics webshop is They focus on consumer products and electronics (e.g. vr headsets and ar glasses).

Want to work together or know more?

We are always looking to work together with other organizations in the market. Send us an e-mail and we look for potential possibilities.