In an internet and data rich world a lot is possible when it comes to measurement, tracking and retrieving information. The internet is used for many needs and reasons. We can use it to watch movies on Netflix and Disney+, listen to Spotify, look for information, use it for gaming and much much more. Despite the benefits, it is also a place where people with darker intentions exploit the flaws internet has. Hackers are continuously on the lookout with malware, viruses, or other vulnerabilities to attack systems via the internet.

A Virtual Private Network to the rescue

This is where VPN’s come in. A Virtual Private Network is a method to add more online security and anonymity to your internet access. Your original IP address is being replaced by a ‘rented’ one from the VPN provider. On top of that the VPN adds security and encryption to the internet connection, making it much more difficult to intercept and manipulate data when connected to other systems over the web.

How does a VPN work?

Types of VPN’s

When and why would I need a VPN?