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The best free VPN 2018: Top 6 (REALLY FREE) VPN Services in 2018

by Kelley
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Deciding on the best free VPN can be a nightmare at times. There are so many options out there that you barely know what to choose. At some point, each apparently viable solution turns out to be worthless due to a series of limitations. In other words, your search for the perfect VPN will never end. There is also the option to just remember the old saying – you get what you pay for. Is a paid VPN worth it? Read on to discover the best rated options on the market and what adds to their reputation.

Free Vs Paid VPN: Why Pay for a VPN?

For almost everything in life, you have two options – free or paid. The same goes for VPNs. Imagine food, for example. Free food is usually out of date and ready to go to bin. There are not too many options out there. Would you eat that? Exactly!

Even if you find a VPN free trial, chances are you will find limitations. Sometimes, bandwidth will limit you to doing nothing. Other times, the server location will not be right for your needs. How about the limited speed?

The point behind these restrictions is fairly simple – most providers offer a free version that is normally recommended for service tests. If you are happy with it, you simply choose to unlock all the features and get the paid version.

You do not necessarily have to expose yourself to limitations and frustration, but choose the paid version upfront and get over all this hassle.

Apart from unlocking everything, you will also gain access to extra features, such as increased security for whatever you need, as well as a top notch privacy. A good customer service will be part of the game as well – highly trained technicians or engineers and immediate help.

Now that it actually makes sense to ditch this dream about finding the best free VPN for Windows, what are the top rated VPN services for those who want quality?

The Best Free VPN Service



Product Name: Windscribe.com

Product Description: It has both a free and a paid version. The free service allows a 10GB monthly bandwidth, so it is actually good for those who do not require VPN usage too often. But if you truly need it, chances are the paid version is more appropriate. There are around 500 servers spread all over the world, not to mention the unlimited bandwidth and extra setup choices. If you are more concerned about your overall protection, you will benefit from the built-in firewall.

Price: Free & Paid Version


A few years ago, Windscribe was rated among the average performing services on the market – excellent customer service, but not the best speed. An update to VPN protocols changed everything, so the provider is now among the fastest VPNs on the market.


  • Fast speeds
  • Good free account, even better paid account
  • Unlimited device connections at the same time
  • Extra protection
  • Multiple setup options


  • No kill switch
  • Software may need resetting occasionally

Kaspersky Secure Connection

Product Name: Kaspersky.com

Product Description: The free account for Kaspersky Secure Connection is limited to 200MB of data on a daily basis. It is not that much, but it is doable if you are looking for a free trial or you barely use a VPN. After all, making the right choice is all about testing the market first. Unlimited freebies occur once you sign up for the paid version – unlimited bandwidth or full access to servers located anywhere in the world.

Price: Free


Coming from a reputable company, Kaspersky Secure Connection is the ideal option for those who want privacy and security. Just like you have probably guessed already, it has both a free and a paid version on the market.


  • Fast speeds
  • Good value for money
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Easy to use
  • Solid free version


  • Basic Windows features
  • Only 18 locations

The Best VPN For Windows

Finding the best VPN for Windows could be extremely challenging with such a wide array of options. Some providers are better than others in terms of flexibility of features, but at the end of the day, it depends on what you need the VPN for. On a bright side, you do have a good set of providers to choose from, while some of them can certainly stand up in the crowd. However, before moving on with your research, make sure you know what to look for in the best free VPN for Windows.

How to Choose a VPN for Windows – 5 Tips

  • 1. A user-friendly application is a must and highly recommended to both experienced and new VPN users.

If you are not so experienced with VPNs, you do not want a provider with sophisticated interfaces and overwhelming features. Instead, you want a simple interface that allows you to find whatever you need at a glance.

  • 2. how about the speed?

Can you get fast, consistent speeds? No matter what you need the VPN server for, one thing is for sure – you do not want it to drag. What can be worse than waiting for minutes for applications to load and even more minutes for actions to be proceed?

  • 3. How about the locations?

When trying to spot the best VPN for Windows, you will need servers in certain locations. Double check the list of locations listed and look for your most important ones.

  • 4. What do you need the VPN for?

There are certain applications and websites that you plan to use with a different identity or just to overcome a limitation. If it is free, try it on with your most accessed websites. If it is paid, chances are the provider has a free version too.

  • Last, but not least, go through the logging policy and terms of conditions.

The best free VPN for Windows becomes completely useless if the policy restricts you, so you might have to go for the next best rated one in the list.

Now that you know the most important things to look for in a VPN, which providers are best rated and what are their main capabilities?

The 2 Best VPN Services for Windows



Product Name: Expressvpn.com

Product Description: Security leaves no room for mistakes either. Unlike other services in this range, ExpressVPN has a kill switch. You have 24/7 live chat support, highly trained representatives When it comes to numbers, you have over 20,000 IPs in 94 countries. It works with other operating systems too and it has three browser extensions – Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The average download speed is around 53Mbps, while the upload speed floats around 24.3Mbps.


ExpressVPN is currently one of the leading names in this segment. It will most likely impress through its consistent performance, regardless of your necessities. Speed tests, for example, will maintain the same high results over long periods of time. Streaming services are easily accessible and without any waiting time. As for applications, you can use pretty much everything you want, including live TV services.


  • Consistent high speeds
  • Quick streaming applications
  • Safe torrent use with no limitations
  • Easy setup on most services and user-friendly interface
  • Safe connections from over 148 cities in 94 countries


  • Limited number of simultaneous connections
  • While minimal, metadata logging is part of the package



Product Name: Nordvpn.com

Product Description: More than 5,000 IPs in 62 countries – this is what NordVPN brings in and it maintains high speeds in most of them – on average, 60.2Mbps for download and 20.5 on upload. If you are up for streaming applications like Netflix, access is almost instant. All servers are optimized for streaming – including live streaming videos too. It supports most routers on the market and comes with a straightforward interface – easy to use even if this is your first. It takes payment over multiple platforms, including most cards, bitcoin, PayPal, UnionPay and so on. As for operating systems, apart from Windows, you can use it over Mac, iOS, Linux and Android too. There are two browser extensions – Firefox and Chrome – and compatibility with pretty much any popular console device.


The customer service is helpful when needed, but you do not have 24/7 support, so you are less likely to get everything you need right away. On another note, the NordVPN does not log anything at all.


  • Consistent fast speeds over all servers
  • Easy setup on any service
  • Multiple privacy features
  • Ideal for streaming and console devices
  • Over 60 countries and 5,000 IPs


  • Customer support can be slow at times
  • Manual configuration required for alternative security protocols

In the end, choosing the best VPN for Windows is entirely up to you. It is imperative to identify your needs first, then keep an eye on the best rated providers on the market. Stick to one of the well established providers, rather than anonymous companies that no one has ever heard of.

Best VPN For Mac

Spotting the best VPN for Mac is supposed to be much easier than finding a Windows alternative because your options are not as diversified. However, you can still find dozens of providers out there and each of them promises you the world. If you are experienced with VPNs, you probably know what you need and what to look for. If you are new, make sure you understand your needs in the smallest details. Further on, analyze some of the best rated VPNs for Mac.

Discovering the Best VPN for Mac for 2018

Trying to determine the best free VPN for Mac should imply a few factors.

  • One of them is the speed.

If the speed is not fast enough, frustration will inevitably kick in. Also, you want consistency in speed. The reviewed VPNs score excellent in both local and international connections.

  • Most people use VPNs to access streaming websites in locations where they are banned.

Even if this is not your primary need, chances are you will still do it occasionally to relax. The VPNs reviewed below offer consistent access to anything you want to stream – no limitations and no failed connections.

  • In terms of privacy, always check the logging policy.

You want minimal logging (ideally, no logging at all) and proper privacy settings, such as PIv6 or DNS. It is all about your protection over the Internet.

The 2 Best VPN Services for Mac



Product Name: Cyberghostvpn.com

Product Description: There are close to 3,000 IPs available in over 80 cities in 60 countries. It only features Chrome as a browser extension, yet it is compatible with most console and streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox. There are multiple encryption protocols at your disposals, hence the popularity of CyberGhostVPN in high censorship countries.


With multiple payment plans, massive discounts and short trials for potential users, CyberGhostVPN leaves no room when it comes to your privacy – zero logs. Anything you do will be lost. With average download speeds of 56.1Mbps and upload speeds of 16.4Mbps, this might be the best VPN software for Mac in terms of speed consistency.


  • 60 country network
  • Easy and safe torrenting uses
  • Fast average download and upload speeds
  • Easy setup and installation on any platform
  • Easy access to streaming services


  • Torrenting unavailable on USA servers
  • Could be better at outsmarting censorship



Product Name: IPVanish.com

Product Description: The average download speed is 39.8Mbps, while the upload speed goes up to 28.3Mbps. In terms of variety, you have more than 40,000 IPs over 81 cities in 61 countries. Some of the operating systems IPVanish is compatible with include Linux, Android, iOS and Windows, apart from being rated the best VPN software for Mac. As for devices and consoles, you got Amazon Fire TV and AppleTV. Given the speed, there are no worries in terms of buffering while streaming. It is also worth noting that the provider is rated one of the most secure in the world. Furthermore, it has a zero logs policy.


Just like most providers out there, IPVanish tries to be the best VPN for Mac with a series of payment plans and discounts. You also get a free short trial to see how it works and whether it can match your needs.


  • Zero logging regarding your activities
  • Fast download and upload speeds – ideal for P2P users
  • Well sized global network
  • Instant setup on most devices
  • 24/7 live support


  • Short free trials may not be enough for some users
  • Certain applications could be more straightforward

In the end, selecting the best VPN for Mac could be tricky, but a little education and a few reviews can lead you in the right direction.

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